It’s Official: Google Glass Is a Bust

Even Shutterstock thinks so

For all the talk of tech in 2013, we can’t think of a single product that truly altered the landscape. Nothing came anywhere close to the innovation of, say, the iPad. Smart watches seemed mildly interesting, but the biggest “breakthrough” was supposed to be Google Glass.

After reading this Mat Honan Wired account of a year spent with the device, we can safely call it a dud. For now.

Key quotes after the jump.

First things first:

“…my wife worried…that its mere presence would be distracting because it’s so goddamn weird-looking.”

Well yeah, but how does it work?

“Even in less intimate situations, Glass is socially awkward. Again and again, I made people very uncomfortable. That made me very uncomfortable.”

Go on…

“[People] get angry at you for wearing Glass…It inspires the most aggressive of passive aggression…It sets you apart from everyone else…Glass is a class divide on your face.”

Ah, so the plebes are jealous!

“My Glass experiences have left me a little wary of wearables because I’m never sure where they’re welcome.

I can’t wear it to the playground or my kid’s school because sometimes it scares children.”

In other words, wearable tech toys just don’t work in the company of anyone except fellow “Glassholes”. But they’re going to change the world…

“The really cool stuff remains on the horizon, which means I got tired of it before I’d had it for even a year.”

So they may change the world at some unforeseeable date in the future. Honan still insists that wearable tech is “where we’re going”, but we feel confident in saying that the vast majority of people won’t be wearing Glass anytime soon—if ever. And despite the fact that Google received more media mentions than any other public company in 2013, we don’t think they can call this product a win yet, no matter how distorted the lenses in front of their faces may be.

Now who’s going to give Google some good press next year?

@PatrickCoffee Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.