It’s the Most Listy-ful Time of the Year!

It’s that time of the year again folks, where every media outlet puts out a list to neatly summarize the events of the past 365 days. This time, it’s the folks at, who have compiled a list of the top ten politically themed questions entered into it’s website. We noted yesterday how Anthony Weiner made a rather poor showing in Yahoo!’s top ten political searches. Happily, Anthony has moved up in the rankings today. Turns out the fourth most-Asked question of 2013 was “Who did Anthony Weiner sext?” The answer, of course, is “Everyone.” Other top questions are listed below. We did our best to answer them as well…

1) Why did the government shut down? The 2014/ 2016 elections.

2) Where is Edward Snowden? A Russian gulag, where he is literally, physically being milked for secrets.

3) Was Prop 8 thrown out? Despite the best efforts of the Mormon Church and the National Organization of Repressed Homosexuals for Marriage, yes, yes it was.

5) When will Obamacare take effect? AHAHAHAHAHAH!

More questions after the jump…

6) Is the NSA spying on Americans? Only if you did something wrong. Or if you are alive.

7) What is Bradley Manning’s sentence? CHELSEA Manning will also be milked, this time for the personal pleasure of Eric Holder.

8) Why was Mohamed Morsi overthrown? Sexting scandal.

9) Who is on trial for the Benghazi attacks? Hillary Clinton.

10) Did the Toronto mayor smoke crack? Oh good lord yes! But in his defense, it has made him very good at barrelling into people and knocking them over -which is key to surviving the rough and tumble of Canadian politics.

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