It’s Time for Some Twitter Spring Cleaning

It’s April, and there’s spring in the air. Birds are chirping, buds are peeping out of flowerbeds, and the days are getting warmer. And while most of us take some time in early spring to clean house and get ready for sunnier weather, have you ever thought of doing some Twitter spring cleaning?

Sometimes all we need is a day on the calendar to motivate us to do something. Whether we start our gym routine on January 1st or quit smoking on our birthday, having a date as the start of a goal is a great reason to push ourselves to do something – even if that date is arbitrary.

So, now that spring is finally here, why not make today the day you do your Twitter spring cleaning? Commemorate the greenification of the world around you with a bit of online de-cluttering to go along with your usual closet and dust-bunny cleaning around the home.

To start, you’ll want to dust off your “follow” fingers and dig into the list of people you follow, in order to weed out the dead weights. Use a tool like ManageFlitter to help you discover who isn’t following you back or who isn’t tweeting anymore, and unfollow them without hesitation. You don’t need the clutter.

Next, spend 10 minutes thinking about your tweet strategy. Could it use some cleaning up? Are you tweeting just for the sake of tweeting sometimes? Or maybe you’re not tweeting enough links, or RTs? Even 10 minutes can help you get more organized on the tweeting front, and it can help you put on a whole new Twitter outfit just in time for spring.

Lastly, take a look at your bio pic and profile. I bet they could use some sprucing up! How old is your headshot? And is your bio still relevant? It doesn’t hurt to change these up every now and again to make sure they’re both up-to-date, and spring is the perfect time for a little shake-up!

What will you be doing this year to “spring clean” your Twitter?

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