iVillage Relaunching Beauty, Parenting Verticals

iVillage, the women-focused website and online community owned by NBC Universal, is officially relaunching its pregnancy & parenting and beauty & style verticals today, the latest in a number of vertical relaunches over the past few months, including health, food, entertainment.

WebNewser spoke to iVillage executive VP Jodi Kahn about the newly redesigned and enhanced verticals.

“Each one of our launches has the sensibility that we are enabling women to connect and find other women that have shared experiences and content,” Kahn says.

In the case of beauty and style, Kahn says they made a concerted effort to avoid the cliches of many of its competitors, instead settling on a more pragmatic approach to the subject matter

“It is not a site devoted to what celebrity looks are,” she says. “It is a site that takes advantage of the social aspects and gives real life experiences to allow you to make yourself over, as well as picks and trends for real fashion.”

To that end, the new site will include a digital makeover feature, letting visitors upload photos of themselves and virtually trying on makeup, lipstick and other products. Down the line advertisers could also have their own products featured in it.

The site is also working with Lauren Luke, whose make up videos have been viewed over 70 million times on YouTube.

For the pregnancy & parenting vertical, iVillage is taking a different approach, looking to become a resource for parents that need specific information or advice…

“The key point is that whereas beauty is for real women, their beauty and how it relates to their lives, parenting’s unique view is that all parents need information- and the way we are delivering is unique,” Kahn says. The site will provide advice from experts, ordinary parents as well as other information curated by iVillage.

Enfamil baby formula is on board as the launch sponsor for the new vertical.

One of the more unique offerings in the works is called “Tummyvision,” which will take advantage of General Electric’s database of ultrasound images to present a 360 degree visual representation of what a pregnant woman’s baby looks like in the womb. General Electric is the parent company of NBC Universal, which owns iVillage.

“Whereas other sites might have one picture, this is going to have a real robust offering that looks at visually tracking the baby’s development,” Kahn says.

Going forward iVillage will be enhancing the conversations on its pages when it launches its community platform later this year. Certain topic pages will aggregate audio and visual materials with text articles, as well as relevant message boards and comments.

“If you are potty training and you go to a potty training topic page, you will see video and things from a visual and photo perspective, but also articles you must read and related message boards, even strings of conversations,” Kahn says.

The new beauty & style vertical can be accessed here, while pregnancy & parenting can be accessed here.