J. Crew CEO Responds to Whiny New York Times Op-Ed

We have no idea how a complaint about online shopping made the op-ed cut at The New York Times, but it did. Delia Ephron wrote a whiny article on December 23 that can be summed up as “I had my Christmas order messed up by J.Crew, oh poor me shopping isn’t as intimate as it used to be!” Keep in mind that 1) Ephron is talking about shopping, as in the purchase of material goods with currency and 2) Everyone has had online orders ruined, but they get over it rather quickly because, oh who knows, they’re adults.

While Ephron’s letter was beyond annoying, it did get the attention of J. Crew’s CEO, Millard Drexler. In a letter to the Times, Drexler responded by saying what probably everyone else in the retail business was thinking: It’s one mistake among millions of orders. Also, shit happens:

While online shopping may not always offer the precise level of personalization Ms. Ephron requires, it is a growing part of retailing — and for good reason. It offers convenience, saves time, adds value and provides access to goods and services that might otherwise be difficult to obtain.

We certainly acknowledge that what is warranted in this situation is a sincere apology — but not a generalized defamation of an efficient and valuable way of shopping today.

Advantage, Drexler.