Jabar CRUISER Bluetooth Car Speakerphone Issues

I don’t like wearing Bluetooth headsets, generally speaking. And, I especially don’t like wearing them while driving. So, I bought a Jabra SP700 Bluetooth speakerphone that clips to my visor and allows hands free phone usage. The SP700 continues to work fine. However, it is only able to pair with one device. Since I use a variety of phones, I wanted something that could work with a variety of phones. So, I bought a Jabra CRUISER Bluetooth speakerphone a few weeks ago. It looks, for all intents and purposes, to be a next generation model of the SP700 model I’ve been using. And, it is able to pair with more than one phone. But, it has a number of problems:

1. Its documentation does not describe how to initiate a hands free call. So, I didn’t pair it with my HTC Touch Pro2 (Windows Mobile 6.1) which is able to voice dial when paired with the SP700. A single button push on the SP700 initiates this process.

2. I was able to pair both my iPhone 3G and Droid to the CRUISER. However, one of the 3G’s known failings is its inability to voice dial from any Bluetooth device. You might thing the Droid (running Android OS 2.1) is able to voice dial hands free from a Bluetooth device. But, I couldn’t find any obvious setting to allow it to do so.

3. The CRUISER grabbed control of my iPhone 3G’s audio output. So, I found myself listening to a podcast emitting from the CRUISER’s speaker (not intended for much fidelity) instead of my car speakers. And, while the CRUISE can broadcast sound using a built-in FM transmitter, it appears to only transmit on the 88.1MHz frequency which is occupied by a radio station here.

The Jabra CRUISER could benefit from better documentation and user controls.