New Zealand Correspondent Gets a Bitter Taste of Spanish Harlem

When Jack Tame tried to come to the rescue of a woman, she responded with fisticuffs.

JackTameTwitterProfilePicThankfully, Jack Tame (pictured) is OK. Following a New York incident that seems tailor-made for the Internet short-form smh.

Tame, the U.S. correspondent for Television New Zealand (TVNZ), has lived in New York for several years. Per a brief summary in the New Zealand Herald, here is what happened Tuesday when he tried to come to the rescue of a woman fighting with a man in his Spanish Harlem neighborhood:

“They were swearing and yelling at each other when suddenly the man hit the woman really hard in the side of the head,” he told the Herald.

“She screamed and swung back at him. I walked over to say something, when the woman turned and swung at me. She clipped me in the ear, I turned away and she punched me between my shoulders.”

On Twitter, Tame used the word ‘awful’ to describe the altercation. That also very aptly sums it up. Speaking of Tame and the Herald, the paper had a cool profile of this young reporter a few years ago:

A charmingly guileless kid who, in six years, has bounded from cub reporter on the Breakfast show to newsreader to United States correspondent in record time, while treating each new role like a brand new puppy.

So, how did he do it?

For starters, he’s craved it for ages, relatively speaking, even if it’s only the way he could find to make his bug for performing pay.

The piece goes on to describe the very enterprising way the young Tame scored his current NYC posting. Tame also reports from New York for NZ radio station Newstalk ZB.

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