Jackson Hole Is Encouraging Instagrammers to Tag Photos, But Not With the Exact Location

The Wyoming region’s travel and tourism board teamed up with Colle McVoy on Tag Responsibly

The Keep Jackson Hole Wild tag on an Instagram post - Credit by Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism Board
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The Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism Board developed a new way for Instagram users to tag their photos of the Wyoming region’s vast natural resources while at the same time protecting them.

The organization teamed up with creative agency Colle McVoy on Tag Responsibly, a new part of its Stay Wild movement.

When posting images or videos to Instagram, rather than using the application’s geotagging features to share the exact location, Instagram users can use a generic tag, Keep Jackson Hole Wild.

The Keep Jackson Hole Wild will help preserve those spots’ natural resources by preventing overcrowding and destruction, as well as boost awareness of conservation efforts.

The initiative was kicked off with social media posts from local influencers, an announcement video, airport signage and help from local residents.

“With two national parks at our doorstep and acres of wild spaces, we see this problem firsthand, every day,” Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism Board executive director Kate Sollitt said. “We needed to offer a solution and help spread the spirit of conservation that is so important to us. We want to share the beauty of Jackson Hole and inspire more people to experience it, but we also want them to join in our efforts to preserve it.”

Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism Board

Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism Board

Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism Board

Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism Board

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