Jaha Launches Location-Based Fitness Network on iOS

The Jaha app helps users connect with others to meet up for exercise or sports in the real world.

Jaha has launched its “fitness friend finder” app on iOS devices, with the goal of helping users connect with others who share similar fitness and sports-related interests. The app can be used to find running or hiking partners, for instance, and focuses on connecting users within a 100 mile radius of each other.

Upon signup, users can customize their profile with their desired fitness goal, tracked in terms of the number of steps taken or distance traveled each day. Users can customize their local user search results based on user gender, age or distance. As users connect with others, they can chat within the app, or create and participate in challenges and friendly competitions.

As a general fitness app, Jaha tracks a user’s steps and movement distance each day against their desired fitness goal. Since the app tracks this automatically (rather than relying on user input), it prevents lying, and ensures Jaha’s algorithms will connect users that are good “fits” for each individual’s fitness level.

To start, the app offers tracking via iPhone and SOUL fitness bands, and will expand to support other fitness devices going forward.

In a statement, Gary So, co-founder of Jaha, commented on the app:

We know there are many times people don’t exercise because they don’t want to do it alone and it can be challenging to find a fitness partner. Jaha changes that with a one-of-a-kind app to connect people via fitness.

Jaha is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store. The app will launch on Android later this year.