Jake Silverstein’s Badge of Presidential Honor

Or... how Christmas came early for the New York Times Magazine EIC.

NYTMag_08_20_2015_CoverThe New York Times Magazine highlighted this back in August, but it’s too much fun not to mention again.

Sasha von Oldershausen began her bigbendnow.com Q&A with the magazine’s editor in chief, Jake Silverstein, by simply asking – “How’s it going?” Silverstein responded with his version of Larry David’s “Pretty… pretty.. good:”

“It’s been going very well. I came aboard in May of 2014 and within a month or so, had a pretty thorough plan for a re-launch of the magazine, which we did in February 2015. We’re not eight months into the new magazine, and by all reports, things are going really well. We’ve done a lot of really great work, I think, and have been getting a lot of great responses. In fact, we got a letter from the president about a story he admired – about the 50-year effort to undermine the Voting Rights Act — which was the first time a sitting president had ever written a letter to the editor at the magazine.”

There’s a lot more in the interview, which ends with a very funny confession from Silverstein about missing something he never thought he would miss.

@hollywoodspin rhorgan@gmail.com Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.