UK Journo Completes LA-to-New-York Run

In record-book terms, Daily Telegraph reporter James Adams (pictured) now belongs to the 260th officially recorded foot crossing of the United States. But thanks to Hurricane Irene, his 70-day run from LA to New York City also deserves a very special asterisk.

Adams writes that because his arrival in Manhattan overlapped with the weekend invasion of Hurricane Irene, he and the other runners were not even sure the night before their final leg that they would be able to make it into the city. Nevertheless, the finish line was moved from closed off Central Park to a hotel near Times Square, and off Adams went:

Once I crossed the Washington Bridge, I was officially in New York City, which felt like a sleeping city. The city that never sleeps had been tranquillized by the Hurricane Irene media hysteria.

I ran along the Hudson River with my girlfriend Gemma for a while, talking about the effect of the weather, and ruing the fact this wasn’t as perfect a day as I had been imagining for more than a year.

Adams was one of eight out of his group’s original total of 15 runners that was able to make it through to the end. Very impressive.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.
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