James Dolan Is Really Going To Make The Village Voice Pay For That Penis Joke

You may recall that, back in March, we reported on the rift between the Village Voice and Cablevision chairman James Dolan caused by a simple question we’ve all found ourselves mulling over at some point or another: “Wonder how Dobkin’s gonna feel with Jimmy Dolan’s cock in his mouth?” Dolan, inflamed with rage, retaliated by having Independent Film Channel, which is owned by Cablevision, pull its ad from the Village Voice.

Now, other companies have decided to pull advertising from the publication. Foster Kamer, the Runnin’ Scared blogger who originally crafted the joke about Dolan’s alleged penis, is perhaps a little bit worried:

That same post has now resulted in all Madison Square Garden Entertainment advertising being pulled from the Village Voice.

Furthermore, LiveNation — one of America’s biggest concert promoters — has now pulled all of its advertising from the The Village Voice at the behest of James Dolan, whose MSG Entertainment employs the services of Live Nation/Ticketmaster in their ticketing and promotions operations.

In toto, a mediocre dick joke about a media acquisition has now cost this company upwards of $1M in yearly advertising revenue.

In the parlance of today’s youth: that kind of sucks.

Kamer notes that Dolan’s attitude creates a “culture of fear and hostility” towards the press and in the workplace, while acknowledging that, perhaps, posting Dolan’s email was not the best idea, calling it a “naive showing of cliched blogger belligerence.”

In all, what an odd turn of events in today’s online culture of niceness. No?

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