James Dyson, Norman Foster and Anish Kapoor Appear on the Times‘ ‘Rich List’

This past weekend saw the release of the Times‘ annual “Rich List,” a collection of who has the largest pile of money in the UK. Mostly it’s a lot of Lords and Sirs and Richard Branson, but we were interested in a couple of names (unfortunately the list doesn’t seem available online, so you’ll just have to trust that we found everyone you’d care about). First, designer/inventor James Dyson was on the list and wow was 2009 ever kind to him. He nearly doubled his money, moving from ¤560 million to ¤920 million, leaving him as the 61st wealthiest person in Britain. How is he celebrating? Being the swell guy he seems to be, he’s hiring a bunch more engineers. Next up is the artist Anish Kapoor, the first sculptor to appear on the list, with ¤. (the Times had spilled the beans that he was to be included back in late January). Now he’ll finally feel comfortable hanging out with Damien Hirst, who has occupied the list for a while now. Last up, Norman Foster was the lone architect in 2010, coming in at 394th place with a measly ¤168 million to his name. Building Design reports that he’s dropped double digits since 2008, when he was listed as having ¤250 million. BD also says Richard Rogers could maybe have been included as well, but he “had made a mistake in valuing his shares.” We’ve told you before, Richard, you need to make sure you’re putting your commas and decimal points in the right place!