James Ellroy Zócalo Recap

An event we’re sorry we missed – Zócalo Public Square hosted a talk this past Monday with author James Ellroy at the Hammer Museum. The Zócalo website offers a rundown:

Atypical fans sat for an atypical interview between Ellroy – most recently the author of Blood’s A Rover – and writer [Erika] Schickel, who confided that she is Ellroy’s girlfriend.

“I offer this tidbit up not because it’s any of your fucking business,” Schickel said, “but because all along I’ve been very frustrated. He has been asked the same questions over and over and over again, and I feel that people are missing the point.”

And so they began, discussing Ellroy’s reputation as a genre writer, as the Demon Dog of American literature, and the transformation of his writing, particularly his writing about women.

Fortunately for those of us not in attendance, a video of the interview can be viewed here.

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