Yes, it’s True: James Franco Deleted his Twitter Account

If you want to let James Franco know just how adorable you think he is, you’ll have to go the old-fashioned, letter-writing route: the former Oscar host and high-profile celebrity has deleted his Twitter account, just about a month after setting it up.

Franco joined Twitter late February, ostensibly to promote the Oscars he would host and his own celebrity profile. And he started strong – a video personalized to his Twitter followers, a few quirky pictures and lots of tweeting.

But apparently not everyone liked what Franco had to say in his bite sized updates. And we have to admit, not all of them were appropriate for Franco’s younger Twitter fans: on Thursday he posted a Twitpic of himself surrounded by naked women, and by Friday his account was taken down. Fans buzzed that maybe it was an April Fools’ joke, but it’s Monday today and no sign that Franco will ever sign back on.

The nudity might’ve been the nail in Franco’s Twitter coffin, but he’s not looking back. He told Politico on Thursday, a day before his account was deleted, “Social media is over. Still up there. Going down. You heard it here first.”

Strong words from someone who used Twitter for all of an entire month.

Interestingly, the official word from Franco is that his account is now private and that he’s still tweeting – but a little searching shows that the username “@jamesfranco” which he had been using no longer exists.

So long, Franco, you will (maybe?) be missed.

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