The New Yorker‘s Ken Auletta Hails James Murdoch’s “Independence”

The news that James Murdoch was promoted to Deputy COO at News Corp. by his father, CEO Rupert Murdoch, hatched more than a few dismissive comments about nepotism.

But in the New Yorker’s News Desk Blog, James Murdoch has an unexpected ally: Ken Auletta devotes a brief piece to proclaiming James Murdoch not only independent of his father, but also something of a Bourbon-on-the-rocks drinking renegade… with a tattoo! (We don’t find out what the tattoo is, sadly.)

We also learn that Murdoch dropped out of Harvard to go into the music industry, spent time “prowling” for internet companies, and met Auletta once at a restaurant when no one else from News Corp. would.

How will News Corp. ever keep this rebel under control?? Perhaps by imprisoning him in the Muppet Mansion.

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