Jay Z, Bill Cosby and ‘The Establishment Negro’

The mogul might want to read James Strong's latest column.

James Strong has been a journalist for more than two decades and has been writing his syndicated weekly column “Strong Points” for the past five.

Strong points, indeed. Here is an excerpt from this week’s column by the Maryland-based writer, reprinted here with the author’s permission:

Jay Z needs to stop shuckin’ and jivin’. His plane descended into a storm and crashed. He is now a member of the establishment. But that’s not always bad. He should imitate the best qualities of those establishment blacks who love their people and carry a genuine concern for the future of the black community. He should follow the example of Bill Cosby — minus the rape, of course – and not exploit black America as if she were dandruff to be marketed as grains of gold.

Even during those years when he raped mostly white women, Cosby gave millions to black colleges, participated in civil rights marches and encouraged black kids to live a decent, honorable, hard-working life as eminently as an emerald.Thus, Jay Z should avoid those qualities the establishment negro, the opposite of the establishment black, is often praised for: Selfishness, deception, untrustworthiness, snitching, hypocrisy, greed and materialism.

Strong tells FishbowlNY that another recent column, which appears in various black newspapers, caught the attention of Venezuelan broadcaster TeleSUR. As a result, Strong is now a writer and consultant on a documentary the network is planning about the Baltimore riots. The film will have a crowd-funding campaign and be officially launched via a streamed event June 13.

“The documentary is going to present the street person’s view, rather than that of the journalists or pundits,” Strong explains. “We’ve got some good footage from the riots and also are in touch with a person connected to a Chinese tour group that was here at the time, to be able to use photos and video from their visit.”

By the way, there’s an interesting culinary aspect to Strong’s upcoming documentary kickoff event. A Baltimore vegetarian cook will be squaring off against a D.C. non-vegetarian cook.
[Photo of Jay Z at May 2013 New York premiere of The Great Gatsby: JStone/Shutterstock.com]

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