James Warren on Press ‘Hyperventilation’ Over Clinton Interview

When news about an upcoming interview is the news.

As soon as the announcement that Hillary Clinton agreed to the third press interview of her campaign hit our inbox, we knew it was going to be everywhere. Not the substance of Hillary Clinton’s sit-down with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell that will take place today at noon ET, but the news of the announcement itself.

The study in contrasts between the two biggest newsmakers of the campaign, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, tells us as much about the candidates as it does about the political press itself. One, a candidate whose every (and numerous) flirtation with the press gets play, and the other, a candidate whose outreach to the press also makes news, largely because it is doled out so meagerly–either way, the fascination with their personalities and their game is the biggest draw.

And what of substance? Here’s a prediction from Poynter’s James Warren on Clinton’s post-interview press:

Now bet the ranch that virtual[sic] every story will open with anything she says about her email mess or Trump. Don’t bet on anything spoken about Syria, Iraq, ISIS, inequality, racism, crumbling infrastructure or taxing hedge fund managers (unless you’re Bloomberg or The Wall Street Journal).