Andy Cohen Meets a 1980s Sitcom

Theater patrons can watch what happens live, starting tonight at the Baruch Performing Arts Center.

Jamie Morris certainly knows his way around a catchy play title. Over the years, he’s been responsible for everything from Gilligan’s Fire Island to The Silence of the Clams.

Tonight, Morris’ latest, Re-Designing Women, a riff on 1986-93 CBS sitcom Designing Women, will have its New York premiere. Running through June 21 at Baruch College’s Performing Arts Center, the comedy was previously staged in Dallas, San Diego and Florida. Here’s the synopsis:

Plagued by a faltering economy, the Atlanta-based interior design firm is on the brink of collapse when one of the sassy southern belles has an idea to save the business. She pitches a reality show to Andy Cohen, the hotshot producer from the BRAVO network, and soon camera crews are following the zany antics of the four outspoken feminists, their ex-con delivery man and their daffy family friend. Fame and fortune quickly turn their world upside down as infighting and jealousy threaten to ruin their perfect sitcom existence.

Ha ha. By the way, when Morris isn’t writing plays, he’s busy in his home base of Las Vegas putting pen to paper for the Cirque du Soleil. The New York production is being directed by frequent collaborator Christopher Kenney, whose drag alter ego Edie once appeared on an episode of Sex and the City.

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