Jane Hanson To Host LX New York

TV personality Jane Hanson [Ed. note: The blonde in the picture at left]] will host LX New York, a daily, one-hour lifestyle show geared towards New York woman ages 25 to 75. Hanson has had a lifetime of experience at NBC, LX New York‘s home network, beginning her career as an anchor for WNBC in 1979. Nine-time Emmy winner Hanson became co-anchor of Today in New York in 1988 and host of Jane’s New York in 2003.

Hanson will co-host the series with fellow TV personality Sara Gore. The show’s senior executive producer, Amy Rosenblum, had many good things to say about their new hire:

I knew Jane was right for LX New York because the show is designed to address the interests of cross-generational women in the New York area. The on-air chemistry between Jane and Sara strikes just the right balance to appeal to that broad audience.

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