Jane Pratt Tells All in Glamour

xoJane founder spills what few secrets she still has left

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Jane Pratt, the founding editor of Sassy and Jane, isn’t known for holding back. On her blog xoJane, which launched last year, Pratt and her writers regularly spill every detail about their lives, from the minute to the painfully embarrassing. (Some of Pratt’s recent posts include “My Horrifying Beauty Habit” and “A Review of Jane's Birthday Party, By Jane Pratt, On Jane-Pratt Time.”)

Now, Pratt is bringing her love of sharing to Glamour magazine, where she penned a column for January’s “All About You” issue—one of the first stories she’s contributed to a print publication since leaving Jane in 2005.

In “How to Quit Faking It,” Pratt talks about how she went from being a kid who constantly lied to a magazine icon who made a career out of telling the truth. Among the fibs she told friends while growing up: that her family was church-going Baptists (they were agnostic artists), wealthy (they were on food stamps, but Pratt managed to get a full ride to Phillips Andover), and owned a weekend house in Malibu, Calif. (they lived in North Carolina). Eventually, Pratt decided to embrace a philosophy of self-acceptance, and the rest is history.

Pratt’s tell-all ethos made her a perfect fit for this issue of Glamour, said editor in chief Cindi Leive, who’s been friendly with Pratt since the early days of Jane. (She and Pratt also have kids the same age, “so we used to bring our babies on flights to Paris or Milan for the fashion shows and annoy everybody on the plane,” recalled Pratt.) “I’d always liked Jane’s style and the fact that she wasn’t all ponies and sunshine,” said Leive. “As soon as we knew we were doing an issue about originality and self-expression, I knew it would be good for Jane.”

Despite the fact that she's done very little magazine writing, having spent her career as an editor, Pratt thought it was important to share her story outside of xoJane. “I felt like I could get it out to a different audience through Glamour,” she said. Plus, she added, “it was fun for me to do something a little bit more long form.”

Don’t be surprised to see more overlap between Glamour and xoJane. Pratt said she and Leive have been brainstorming other ways of sharing content. Meanwhile, xoJane is getting even more candid with a new series “It Happened to Me, Raw” (which offers unedited versions of the popular It Happened to Me articles) and “Unpopular Opinions.”


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