Janice Min Opts for New Role With THR-Billboard Parent Company

Brooks Barnes has the scoop

Seven years into her reinvention of the trade publications, Min is moving over to Eldridge Industries.
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When it comes to the realm of Hollywood entertainment journalism, there have been three recent and concurrent disruptive forces: Harvey Levin, Nikki Finke and Janice Min. On the heels of last week’s news that Finke is returning to her place of origin, PMC’s Deadline, there is today the revelation of another major development involving Min.

Per West Coast New York Times correspondent Brooks Barnes, Min has decided not to renew her editing contract with The Hollywood Reporter and Billboard. When her three-year term expires at the end of February, she will assume a new role, one that Barnes hints may help speed the sale of one or both of the Todd Boehly-owned publications:

Min will join [parent company] Eldridge Industries in a new role devising a “media-investment strategy,” she said in an interview on Sunday. …

Eldridge hired Moelis & Company and Goldman Sachs last summer to conduct a strategic review of its media holdings, which resulted in the $1 billion sale of another property, Dick Clark Productions, to Dalian Wanda Group. Mr. Boehly, who also owns pieces of the film companies A24 and Media Rights Capital, has said that the trade publications are not for sale, but neither was Dick Clark until a major buyer emerged.

As Min departs her day-to-day role with THR and Billboard, Matt Belloni will take over as editorial director of the former while Mike Bruno will grab the reins of the latter. Below, as it was provided to Fishbowl, is Min’s note to staff:

Dear Staff –

In case some of you missed the announcement this morning I wanted to share our news today.

After nearly seven years with so many of you, I am leaving my current position as co-president and chief creative officer of The Hollywood Reporter-Billboard Media Group (though I remain an enthusiastic owner of The Hollywood Reporter). But, don’t worry! I won’t be going far. Beginning next month, I’ll join Eldridge Industries, our corporate owner.

As part of my new job, I will be looking at potential acquisitions, some of which may intersect with our current properties; at the same time I’ll help Todd devise media investment strategy for Eldridge. As part of the transition, I would love to announce two bits of good n- s effective today.

– Matthew Belloni, currently THR’s Executive Editor, is now Editorial Director of The Hollywood Reporter, overseeing all aspects of the brand in online, video, print, TV, and its live events.

– Billboard’s current Senior Vice President for Content, Mike Bruno, becomes Editorial Director of Billboard, overseeing all editorial aspects of the Billboard brand.

It goes without saying I feel very confident about the state of who and where we are today. The Hollywood Reporter just closed its largest month in history online (with our last four months counting as our four biggest ever), while Billboard additionally has accelerated at a rapid pace. Today, The Hollywood Reporter-Billboard Media Group reaches nearly 27 million readers a month online, per ComScore, with a social footprint of more than 20 million followers, 40 hours of video a month, glittering live events and lots and lots of awards that validate what we know anyway: this team produces exceptional work. (Okay, I’ll brag one second: The Hollywood Reporter is up tomorrow for its fourth straight General Excellence National Magazine Award tomorrow. Congratulations.)

I am confident the ethos of this place will go on and I will always be a phone call or email away – just not in person always, and not running those meetings anymore (yes, some of you may breathe a sigh of relief over that). As of today, the editorial reins belong to Matt and Mike and I ask that you join me in supporting them even though you may see me around this place a bit longer. My last official duty is tonight as host of what’s looking like another amazing Nominees’ Night party tonight, where everyone from Justin Timberlake to Emma Stone to Lin-Manuel Miranda (and so on) are coming.

Lastly, words can’t express my gratitude for being allowed to lead all of you. It has been a true privilege to work with so much talent. I’d like to think we had a lot of fun along the way, survived thousands of terrible late night meals and really, genuinely cared about being the best. (And take heart: you’ll never have to order Poquito Mas on my behalf again.)

I look forward to so many additional great things for this organization together.

With much appreciation,

Photo by Christopher Patey, courtesy: THR

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