Japanese Mobile Gaming Operator Launches MiniNation for iPhone

DeNA, the mobile gaming powerhouse in Japan, is taking an aggressive approach towards the gaming seen and is announcing the release MiniNation on the iPhone App Store. We recently discussed DeNA as they reported a record fiscal year earning $205 million and disclosed their plans to establish a stronger American presence. MiniNation is a smart move that will solidify DeNA’s expansion beyond the home market into the global arena.

MiniNation is a gaming social network that started with 4 mini-games and now includes an avatar system as well as social elements such as community leaderboard, profiles and a messaging system. The four games, Bandit Nation, Mini Solitaire, Mini BalloonHunt and Mini NumberPlace, will incorporate the MiniNation network as the network expands to include more games from the Mobage-town social gaming portal established in Japan. Because DeNA owns a 20% stake in Aurora Feint, MiniNation pursued an OpenFeint integration, giving it greater leverage in the iphone gaming network market.

DeNA’s entrance into the iPhone world will be an ambitious one and they will bolster their efforts by rolling out in-game and avatar-related virtual purchases. However the consensus is that MiniNation might fall short of making a strong impact with its Japanese-focused games, especially since the AppStore is abundantly flooded with socially integrated casual games.

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