Jay-Z Beefs Up His Brand with Life + Times?

Jay-Z, who has always been associated with the luxe lifestyle, has launched a blog, Life + Times, that’s focused on lifestyle topics from cooking to sports to technology.

We grabbed the video above from the BlackBook blog, which praises the look of the site, although we found it a little confusing to navigate. But separately, is this a site that builds on the Jay-Z brand?

New York magazine’s Vulture site imagines: “You can certainly see this kind of thing — an attempt to connect Jay to all things that are hip and relevant, from now until that fateful day when dinosaurs return to stalk the earth and kill us all — springing up from a boardroom meeting at Roc Nation, something about ‘expanding and preserving Jay-Z’s brand.'”

And certainly, that’s usually why celebs take to digital and social media — to connect with fans, sell more stuff, build a reputation, or just talk about things they like (here are a couple of popular examples). But Vulture.com also notes, “a whole team of writers and designers is apparently on board” to produce this site’s content.

Gothamist notes that the site’s About page doesn’t really speak to the mission of the site (though it could be “a work in progress”). And one of my colleagues wondered whether Life + Times can achieve the same level of success if Jay isn’t very directly involved. For example, Gwen Stefani managed to strike gold with her L.A.M.B. fashion brand, but she is very hands-on with the line.

From a branding perspective, what do you think about this? The comments section is open.

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