JB Casual Games And Heyzap Introduce Social Game Portal

JB Casual Games, of Terre Haute, Indiana, is getting its feet wet in the social gaming scene by introducing 5 competition-based online games that are ripe for blossoming. As an online game portal, they have an array of action, adventure, arcade, puzzle, social, sports and strategy games with a mission of providing its users the funnest games they will find online. Their headway into this space is taking place alongside a partnership with HeyZap and other game developers that are not yet announced.

The first five social games JB Casual Games is releasing are:

Async Racing: Compete against your friends in quick races, championship mode or leaderboard mode in top-down view racing. Already offers a huge number of tracks, and the track editor allows users to create and publish their own.

Fish Story: Buy fish, outfit your own aquarium and keep your fish healthy and happy so they don’t go belly up!

Hoop Fever Live: Roll up a huge score as you shoot hoops with other players from around the world.

RockFREE: Grab your guitar, hit the club, invite others to play against you and rock on! Hit the notes at the right time to score big points in this guitar-playing game that includes a large library of popular rock songs.

Treasure Hunters: Don’t settle for playing a game a notifying your friends about your achievements, actually challenge them to a game of Match 3 across the Internet! First one to $5,000 in Pirate booty wins!

JB Casual Games will be actively looking to integrate the aforementioned games, along with other social titles in the future into its casual game catalog. Bob Orlandini said. “The popularity of social games on the Internet continues to grow because many players now expect more than a static gaming experience. JB Casual Games will continue to add top-notch social titles to its library of games to give casual gamers as many entertaining options as possible,” said Bob Orlandini. The games will be available for access through Facebook and other social platforms as well.