Jeb Bush: ‘Hell Yeah, I’d Kill Baby Hitler!’

Jeb Can Fix... the Holocaust?!

There have been studies, polls, consultants and even first-hand experience to help the current cavalcade of politicians develop a keen strategy on how to earn the trust of the American people and possibly earn the nomination of one’s respective political party.

And then, there’s what Jeb Bush did.

The one remaining Bush who has not earned a presidential nod has experienced a rough go of it, given the Trump circus and how enamored the media is with Hillary Clinton. Bush is trying to reinvent himself in front of us all.

First, he dropped his surname and replaced with an exclamation point. Then, he welcomed his brother back into the fold and took on the persona of Bob the Builder with his recent slogan, “Jeb Can Fix It.”

What could be next? This…

The New York Times polled its readers last month about random questions, one of which was the opportunity to kill baby Hitler; thus, preventing the massacre of 11 million Jewish people during the second World War.

Outside of a local Klan rally, you couldn’t find a person who wouldn’t take that chance. However, you just don’t expect a politician looking to answer this question, which Jeb gleefully did to HuffPo… on camera.

“Hell yeah, I would!” the former Florida governor told The Huffington Post. “You gotta step up, man.”

“It could have a dangerous effect on everything else, but I’d do it — I mean, Hitler,” Bush said.

Conservative or not, you have to appreciate his spunk. “Hell yeah!” Any chance he would get to face the Fuhrer, and Jeb would open a Texas-sized can of whoop ass.

And in case there was any misconception if someone pining for political office would say such a thing, he tweeted it:

Somewhere, his entire PR team is clutching a pillow, crying into it. Softly.