Jeff Garlin Interviews Lena Dunham

For Episode 2 of By the Way: In Conversation with Jeff Garlin, the talented actor-writer-host cues up the conversation he had with Lena Dunham at Largo right after the 2012 Prime Time Emmy Awards. (He’s up to eight episodes now, the latest being Conan O’Brien.)

It was during that crazy awards weekend crush that Garlin met Dunham for the first time in person. And it was also, at a Friday night bash catered by the restaurant Animal, that his guest found herself gorging on some cliched fried chicken:

“I was so happy, and then I had this thought where, ‘So here I am at this party, fulfilling everyone’s expectations of what they’d see me doing at a party, just f*cking eating everything!’ I was so bummed.”

That prompted Garlin to admit, for the first time publicly, that he often thinks to himself while eating alone at a restaurant that every other diner in the joint is rolling their thinner eyes. Especially if the eatery is full of E! News watchers rather than Curb Your Enthusiasm devotees.

The two agreed that self-loathing at restaurants is a hazard of their biological showbiz trade. Beyond that, from the very beginning to the very end of this delightful early BTW conversation, it’s clear why Dunham is such a blazing star. And for boys, Garlin reveals around the half-hour mark the public place in LA he has found to be, hands-down, the best location to spot drop-dead gorgeous women.

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