Jeffrey Wells Tangles with NYC Movie Theater ‘Psychopath’

Every once in a while, Hollywood Elsewhere blogger Jeffrey Wells relates a nightmarish moviegoing experience.

In October, the colorful chronicler generated a torrent of angry reaction with his take on a Connecticut screening of Gravity disrupted by a youngster with Down Syndrome. This time around, Wells recounts the trouble caused by an African-American loud talker at a December 26 afternoon showing of The Wolf of Wall Street at the Loews 34th Street complex. Wells was accompanied by his two sons, Dylan and Jett:

After Dylan’s first verbal altercation I looked over and glared at the guy, and he glared right back and said, “What the f*ck are you looking at, man? Rude-ass mothahf*ckah… Guy givin’ me sh*t!” I knew then and there this guy was very possibly disturbed and beyond the reach of any appeal.

Some readers, on Twitter and in the comments, are taking issue with Wells’ permalink use of the word “ape” and his mention of the African-American culture’s acceptance of talking during movies, “especially in New York.” Wells, as he is wont to, sarcastically responds in the comments:

Let me get this straight: to your way of thinking my mentioning that the guy was black makes me guilty of emphasizing same… right? He was a black guy. What, I can’t say that? I’m kidding. I realize, of course, that the rules of p.c. journalism require that non-whites can never be physically described, not even a little bit. I’m so, so sorry I did that. I also mentioned in the piece that talking through movies in the New York area is a black culture thing. Is that racist also, to say that? It is? Uh-oh.

In the item, Wells also notes that most of the loud New York movie theater talkers he has encountered over the years have been of Swedish, Danish and Scandinavian descent. He asks if others have noticed this as well and at press time, a ten-year former NYC resident comments that she personally never ran into any “boisterous Scandinavians.”

P.S. As far as the best way to deal with this kind of all-too-common movie theater disruption, FishbowlNY has found the only truly effective solution is to leave the screening and ask for a refund.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.
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