Jenny McCarthy Reveals ‘Stirring the Pot’ Advice & Reacts to Barbara Walters’ Retirement: ‘I Am So Sad’

On Friday during lunchtime we were among the attendees at The Bryant Park Hotel as The View co-host Jenny McCarthy introduced Vemma Renew, a ready-to-drink beverage by the Vemma Nutrition Company.

We sat down with the actress, best-selling author and activist to find out more about her new book, Stirring the Pot, which drops on May 6 and her reaction to the recent news of Barbara Walters’ May 16 retirement date.

MediaJobsDaily: Since your book, Stirring the Pot, is coming out soon, what advice do you give media folks to stir the pot?

Jenny McCarthy: You can always stir the pot by asking questions. Many people are willing to talk about a lot of things but they won’t unless you ask them. Like I told my boyfriend recently, “I think I need a handle, I think I need you to ask me questions.” It’s there but sometimes I don’t know unless you ask questions so I feel that you can really stir stuff up by asking.

MJD: Did you do that on The View when you started?

JM: When I started on The View, I had an actual game plan. If you go to a party and you don’t know anybody there, the first thing you do is you don’t stand out. You study everybody. So I kind of studied everyone’s beats, their points of views, their rhythms. And I was like, “Okay, now I’m kind of getting their thing.”

Then I kind of eased out a little bit here and there, I tested the audience. See, does this joke work? Ooh, it’s too much for this audience. Does this joke work? Not enough. So, I’ve been playing that role. Come New Year’s, I came out going, “I got it.”

Now I realize I’m using lede lines to jump in. You have two sentences to make a point. You have to fight for your time. Even yesterday I think I told Barbara, “I just want to say something, Barbara!” (Smiles.)

So, I do feel like I’m getting my voice and having fun with it.

MJD: What are your thoughts on Barbara Walters’ retirement?

JM: I am so sad. When she announced the date, I started crying at the table and I could tell she would have gotten really mad at me if I kept going because then she would have started crying. When we got offstage, I hugged her in the elevator and was just like, “Can you come back and sub?”

I have so much compassion for her that I feel like all of us should just shut up and let her have the table for the remainder of the time there.

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