Oh, The #Linsanity! How Big Is NBA Star Jeremy Lin On Twitter And Facebook? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Jeremy Lin is a basketball sensation.

Bigger than that, he’s a media sensation, and the buzz around the New York Knicks point guard is so huge that the impact on his official Twitter and Facebook profiles has been both instantaneous and enormous.

Lin, who made his first career start with New York on February 6, and has since led the Knicks to seven straight wins, pouring in 171 points, grabbing 30 rebounds and handing out 65 assists along the way, has captured the imagination of the public and mainstream media alike with his inspiring rags-to-riches story. Everybody loves an underdog, but Lin’s rise to fame has been extraordinary – his basketball jersey is now the NBA’s top-seller and has sold out worldwide.

Lin can be found under the username @JLin7 on Twitter (and not @JeremyLin, who is being bombarded with tweets), and since February 7th, Lin has seen his follower count rally from a fairly humble 45,000 users to a whisker under 400,000, which represents an increase of almost one thousand percent.

In about a week.

On Facebook, things are even more insane for Jeremy, as he’s picked up almost half a million fans in the past 7 days.

Of course, there’s arguably no better way to measure your impact on the planet than by tracking the number of infographics that are being made about you, and Lin has designers working round the clock.

For AllTwitter readers, this visualization from Social Guide measures the impact that the #Linsanity hashtag has had on Twitter.

(Source: SocialGuide.)