Jeremy Lin: The Brand

“Linsanity” struck again last night, with Jeremy Lin scoring the game-winning buzzer-beating three-point shot that gave the Knicks their sixth win in a row. Jeremy Lin is doing it all day and we’re drowning in puns.

With this incredible run, Lin’s marketing and branding value has gone through the roof. Ratings for the MSG Network have jumped, despite an ongoing dispute with Time Warner Cable. Traffic to Knicks websites has skyrocketed. And sales of the number 17 jersey are doing well. USA Today says traffic to the Knicks store is up 3,000 percent and it’s the 10th best selling jersey at the NBA Store.

Forbes even connects an elevated Madison Square Garden stock price and MSG ticket prices to Lin’s streak. The magazine values his brand at $14 million. And Lin is being declared the “fastest growing athlete brand in the world.”

Even if this incredible streak doesn’t last for very much longer, Lin has proven his talent and will be a force in the NBA if he can keep a hot hand. More than that, everyone loves a feel-good story, and Lin has one. In interviews, he comes off as humble, willing to share the spotlight with his teammates. In other words, he’s likeable, which can sometimes be underestimated by athletes who think points are all that matter.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Lin has even had a positive effect on the New York brand following the madness of the LeBron James “decision.” New Yorkers would love the “Linning streak” to continue, but the excitement alone has been great to watch.

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