Jerry Dior Finally Recognized as Designer of Major League Baseball’s Logo

Just shy of a year ago, you might recall reading here about Jerry Dior‘s quest to get credit for designing the iconic Major League Baseball logo (or maybe that split-second of controversy following the story over who really designed it). Now, after nearly a full rotation around the sun when the story first started circulating, and 40 of these rotations since the logo made it first appearance, Dior is finally getting his due, with the MLB this week recognizing him as the original designer. And for this, he was honored on the field yesterday at Yankee Stadium and will be again tomorrow at Citi Field. It’s a sweet story and we’re glad it all ended up positively. Here’s a bit:

With the recognition of Dior as the logo’s originator comes the answer to a question that has puzzled fans and journalists alike over the years: On which player is the silhouette based?

“People have said my design was based on Harmon Killibrew, but it wasn’t,” said Dior. “Mine wasn’t based on anyone — just a nondescript figure with a bat.”