Jerry Springer: ‘I Just Got Lucky’

MediabistroTV’s Kevin Eck lands an interview with talk show host Jerry Springer today on his “first big break” in life.

“In a break with tradition, he came to our venerable office (exactly on time and with no entourage in tow) and we shot him in our brand new Longfellow Conference Room!” boasts MediabistroTV producer Weston Almond.

“Jerry’s real life persona as an unassuming, very bright, likeable man in a rumpled rain coat, is a stark contrast to his notorious alter ego who went from working with Bobby Kennedy as a lawyer to being an island of calm in a sea of Klansmen beating the hell out of each other on the stage of the most popular talk show in America.”

Springer’s words of wisdom:

1. “I guess if you really want to get your own talk show, first be a mayor.”

2. “I don’t have any talent. I’m not saying that disingenuously. That’s the truth. I keep saying I think I’m a nice guy and I’m reasonably bright. I don’t have any particular talent. No one would have picked me out of a line and said this guy is going to be in show biz. I just got lucky.”

3. “I’m convinced most of life is luck.”

4. “If you really work hard and be good at what you’re doing someone will notice and you’ll have another opportunity. You can’t map out your life.Life just happens. The best you can be is prepared by being really good at what you do.”

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