Jessica’s Daily Affirmation Has The World Feeling Good

Jessica can do anything good. She likes her school, she likes her dad, she likes her cousins, she likes her sister, she likes her haircuts, she likes her pajamas, she likes her stuff and she likes her whole house. She can do anything good, better than anyone and her enthusiasm is contagious. With over 1.5 million views, the YouTube clip of 4-year old Jessica spouting out her daily affirmation in front of the bathroom mirror has us all smiling and feeling great.

Over the last couple of weeks, ‘Jessica’s Daily Affirmation’ has blown up ‘David After Dentist’ style, proving once again that nothing has the viral Midas touch like videos of kids being kids. The video wasn’t an instant hit, but it recently took off, spreading like wildfire this month. It was uploaded last June, and after nearly a year Jessica is on her way to becoming the next big YouTube child star.

Cole Stryker of Urlesque interviewed Jessica, now twelve years old, about the success of her Daily Affirmation clip. Jessica says, “My dad created a YouTube account last June, and he was just uploading a lot of family videos because he wanted to share them with my mom’s family in England and my dad’s family in Cuba.” Jessica says that she knew the videos were online, but it was not until about week ago that the video started to take off.

‘Jessica’s Daily Affirmation’ has been receiving blog coverage up the wazoo this week and making its way around Facebook, Twitter and the rest of the social web. Since the video took off, Jessica has been contacted by all sorts of press including the CBS Early Show, Good Morning America and friends and classmates she hardly talks to. She seems to be handling her newfound fame and glory quite well.

These days, more and more home videos are going viral. How do you feel about this YouTube phenomenon?

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