Jets Kicker Tweets Away About Everything

New York Jets kicker Jay Feely is among the many National Football League players with a Twitter account, but Feely is cut from a different cloth than most. He doesn’t tweet about going against the league’s mandates on social-networking use, or to complain about the food his team serves during training camp. Instead, as The New York Times points out, his subjects run the gamut.

Some of Feely’s tweets, as reported by the Times:

Heres my issue with both our political parties right now. No one has the guts and ability to find the real answers and committ to them.

H1N1 is so new we don’t know about the longterm effects of the vaccine. But I want to protect my children: a quandry

The punishment disparity between Vick, Stallworth and Plax is just preposterous

My brother lived 26 years as a severely disabled child and though he could never communicate his legacy left a lasting image on so many.

Watching H’wood denounce arrest Polanski arrest. Do they make the same defense for Catholic priests who assaulted altar boys? David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.
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