Use JibJab’s Messenger App to Add Your Face to Shareable GIFs

A new, easy-to-use app from JibJab lets users customize GIFs for sharing.

The days of using unoriginal GIFs are over. Let’s face it, if you’re not putting out idiosyncratic GIFs, how will you get your friends to pay attention to you when there are so many cat videos on the Internet?

To help you garner social attention and keep old friends while wasting time, the folks at JibJab created an add-your-face-to-a-random-GIF messenger app. It’s really easy to use, and of course, will be more fun if you apply cat faces to things, as I did below:

GIF JibJab

jibjab JibJab

To make your own, download the free app via the app store (you’ll get a number of free JibJab GIFs before you have to pay). Then, select your favorite selfie or take one using your phone’s camera. I chose Grumpy Cat.  You can change the shape of your head, as needed. Then, after selecting your favorite GIF from the GIF generator, you can choose to share to Facebook, Twitter, email or even as a link.

jibjab JibJab JibJab