Jim Miklaszewski Is Honored by the Pentagon

As Jim Miklaszewski gets ready to retire, the acknowledgments keep pouring in.

As he prepares to retire at the end of the year, NBC News’ Jim Miklaszewski has been enjoying quite the farewell tour in the final months of his role as chief Pentagon correspondent. There was the live shout-out from President Obama at a Pentagon presser in August, one from Lester Holt on last night‘s Nightly News, and, just this morning, there was a Today show sendoff, with Matt Lauer recounting how on 911 “‘Mik’ was the first at the scene to report that the Pentagon had been attacked.”

“Mik–we love you, congratulations, thank you, and good luck,” said Lauer.

“And I don’t know what we’re going to do without you, Mik, but enjoy that retirement. So well deserved,” added Savannah Guthrie.

In addition to POTUS and his NBC colleagues, Miklaszewski has been recognized by the Pentagon itself, picking up an Office of the Secretary of Defense Exceptional Public Service Award on Friday, “for his outstanding dedication and tireless commitment to keeping the American people informed regarding the operations of their men and women in uniform serving around the world,” according to the citation.

“Tough, fair, and persistent–Jim has asked critical questions on behalf of the American people to 7 Secretaries of Defense,” the citation went on to say. “Over the past 20 years, when there’s been a major story involving the Pentagon or our troops serving around the world, Jim has been there to cover it. An intensely ethical, and high character reporter who not only earned the trust and respect of the Pentagon leaders he covered, but also the troops serving around the world, and their family members anxiously awaiting back home.”

Miklaszewski has spent 31 years at NBC News, 19 of those as Pentagon correspondent.

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