Romenesko Confirms His Semi-Retirement

FishbowlNY gets to the bottom of some strike-through resonating around the media world.

For those of us in the media-watch trenches, it amounts to a momentous bit of summer redaction:


But… what does it mean? Is Jim Romenesko hinting here that he’s getting ready to bid a permanent adieu to Gannett, Patch and other favorite topics? And if so, as Michael Hotchkiss so cleverly put it, who the heck is going to give him the details on this big news?

Well, thanks to a brief email exchange this afternoon with the man himself, FishbowlNY has some of those details. The good great news is that there are no plans for a full retirement. This is the reason the replacement word, above, is in quotes.

“My Social Security doesn’t start for another 13 weeks, but I decided to start my version of retirement early and enjoy the summer,” Romenesko tells us. “I’ll continue to be active on Twitter and Facebook, and I’ll post to the website when I see something that interests me. (That seems to be happening a lot in recent days.)”

In other words, moving forward, Twitter will remain the place to check in. To quote from another eminent and greatly missed media chronicler:

This profession is “not gonna retire your loans as quickly as it should, and it’s not going to turn you into a person who’s worried about what kind of car they should buy, but that’s kind of as it should be. I mean, it beats working.”

P.S. Our thanks to regular reader Marty Chase for pushing us forward today on this item front.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.
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