Jimmy Fallon Goes for the Disco Fries

Visit to the Tick Tock diner is one of Esquire cover story's many geo-located delights.

EsquireJimmyFallonDecJanOne of the art forms of a properly executed celebrity magazine profile is colorfully capturing details of time and place. Scott Raab does this beautifully throughout his December/January Esquire cover story.

We don’t want to spoil too many of the surprises, so we will mention just one such article panel. Fallon, upon his return to New York from the 2015 Primetime Emmys in Los Angeles, hooked up once more with Raab in Clifton, N.J.:

“Best diner I’ve ever seen,” Fallon says as he steps out of the car. He’s not wrong. The Tick Tock is the best diner the world has ever seen, lit by neon all night long, all night long surrounded by death. Walt Whitman still comes here. Plus Devils fans, priests and hitmen.

Mighty generous of you, Jimmy. Thanks. “Oh, I’m so excited about this! Are you kidding me? I’m so psyched! I’m starving. I’m so hungry I cannot wait to eat.”

He’s still wearing his suit pants and white shirt and tie, unknotted, with some of the makeup still on his face. It’s a Tuesday night, 7:30, the place is slowish, but Jimmy Fallon is a party of one. We split an order of the Disco Fries — with mozzarella melted on top, gravy on the side — and Jimmy orders a Pattie Melt.

“It’s a hamburger, but it’s also grilled cheese. It’s the best of both worlds. It’s fantastic.”

I go for the Diablo burger, and while I’ll vouch for the fact that it, too, is fantastic, a Tick Tock breakfast remains your best bet.

The article also has more playful photos by Robert Trachtenberg, to go along with the cover. Enjoy.

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