Jimmy Kimmel Turns the Tables on THR Interviewer

"I look at your job as a grind," the talk show host tells Tim Goodman.

THRKimmelEmmysCoverAs Tim Goodman explains at the top of this week’s Hollywood Reporter cover story, he’s known Jimmy Kimmel personally for close to two decades. That allows for a level of informality throughout the interview, including, at one early point, Kimmel comically quizzing the reporter about how the current golden age of TV has changed his critic pal’s work routine.

The talk show host and MC of this weekend’s Emmys notes that when Goodman started writing about the boob tube in 1997, there were essentially just a handful of network shows. Today, it’s a different, gargantuan story:

Kimmel: I don’t know how you enjoy shows. Is the mindset different when you’re watching something to review it? Do you put that out of your head and then come back to it afterwards? Or are you like, ‘Oh my God, I gotta watch 15 f—in’ shows tonight?’ That must be what it’s like.

Goodman: That’s very much what it’s like, yeah. The insanity part of it is that there’s way too much for one person to do, there’s too much for two people to do, and it’s endless.

Kimmel: Do you watch at night or do you watch in the daytime?

Goodman: Both. You have to, yeah.

Kimmel: Do you put the show you want to see, that you think is going to be good, on first or do you save that one for last?

Goodman: No, you put on the one that you definitely want to watch first.

From there, Kimmel proves to have a great memory of his first experience at the Television Critics Association press tour, which is where he and Goodman initially connected. He also revisits a panel discussion he once did in New York with Bill Carter and how one particular remark, presaging today’s Internet news-cycle standard, was lifted and passed around without context. The THR interview is also available as an audio podcast.

@hollywoodspin rhorgan@gmail.com Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.