A River Runs Through Jimmy Kimmel’s Bucket List

Robb Report gets talk show host to the Gallatin River.

Two and a half decades after Brad Pitt trained for weeks atop a Los Angeles building for the role of Paul Maclean, there was Jimmy Kimmel, fly-fishing on the same Montana river. For his Robb Report bucket list adventure, the talk show host brought along a pair of tremendous reinforcements – chefs Adam Perry Lang and Chris Bianco.

From the February 2016 issue Q&A with Kimmel:

“When you do get an idea that you might want to go out in a river and put on this unusual costume and try out this rod and reel that is not the one that your grandpa taught you to use, you watch a movie called A River Runs Through It; and when you see it, you’re entranced. It’s a beautiful film.”

“To fish in the river where that movie was shot is a very special thing. Now, I don’t cast like Brad Pitt did in that movie; I don’t know that anybody casts like that. I still wonder if he was casting, and if he was, he’s more superman than man.

Elsewhere in the themed bucket list issue, nine Robb Report editors each share one worldly adventure they have already had the privilege of enjoying and another they hope to one day complete. Check out that fun slide show here.

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