Joan Hamburg Signs Her Sardi’s Caricature

The unveiling took place Wednesday night.

There’s a long radio tradition associated with Sardi’s. Starting in 1947, Bill Slater hosted a show live from the dining room, followed in that capacity by Tom Slater, Ray Heatherton and Arlene Francis.

For WOR Radio, Joan Hamburg sometimes did a broadcast from the famed restaurant on West 44th Street. And last night, it was finally Hamburg’s turn to be memorialized with a Richard Baratz caricature.

Joining her for the ceremony were several family members. Afterwards, as is tradition, Hamburg inscribed her caricature with a personal message.

Baratz is based in Pennsylvania. But a few years earlier, when Dallas was home, there was a nice write-up in the Dallas Morning News:

Baratz’s wife of 28 years and fellow Brooklyn native, Judy, says he’s being modest. In New York’s theater district, she says, everyone knows the name Richard Baratz.

“There isn’t a person on Broadway if you walked up Shubert Alley and you said who’s the caricaturist at Sardi’s, I don’t think there’s a person who doesn’t know who Richard is,” Judy Baratz says. “Richard is extremely, extremely humble. Too humble.”

[Image via: Facebook; H/T: Radio Ink magazine]

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