Joanna Coles Receives Matrix Award & Outlines Four Stages of an Editor’s Career

At the New York Women in Communications’ Matrix Awards luncheon, Cosmopolitan’s editor-in-chief Joanna Coles was among the honorees receiving an award. (The annual luncheon honors women for their outstanding achievements in media and communications.)

During Coles’ speech today, she jokingly highlighted the four stages of an editor’s career:

1. Who is Joanna Coles?

2. Get me Joanna Coles!

3. Get me the new Joanna Coles.

4. Who the f*@# is Joanna Coles?

As for a magazine, she commented on its four stages as well:

1. What is a magazine?

2. Get me a magazine!

3. Get me a new digital magazine.

4. What the f*@# is a magazine?

Speaking of magazines, Coles mentioned whether it’s a brick and mortar magazine or online publication, the medium isn’t as important as the content itself.

She indicated, “I still believe content is king.” Coles added that people want to read good stories: “What they want is good media.”

For Coles, good stories actually stem back to her childhood. Her speech also recalled her youth as a nine year-old girl growing up in northern England. Well, the young Coles created her own publication and handed it out to neighbors.

If she could talk to her childhood self, Coles would tell that little girl to dream big. As in, really big. “Then get ready because your life is going to exceed those dreams.”

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