Job Board Success Stories. Yes Really!

Maybe we’re too hard on job boards.

Reading the comments thread on a recent Punk Rock HR post we’re finding that a lot of people still find jobs through Monster et al.

One recruiter says she knows of ONE person who got a job from a board in the past year, and followed that with “it’s taken on the proportions of urban myth at this point.”

But others are more bullish. “In my nearly 30 year career,” said one, “I’ve gotten every job except two from responding to a traditional newspaper ad or job board.” Another few commenters say that their last jobs came from Careerbuilder. And one recruiter says his company fills about 1/6 jobs from boards. “[Our] sweet spot [for using job boards] is semi skilled hourly to junior mgmt…[but]40% of executive positions are referrals” so it is, again, who you know.

The non-job board success stories are ever so much more entertaining, though. Take this guy who wanted desperately to work at Architectural Digest.

I knew just cold calling the HR dept., or sending my resume wouldn’t work. I’d be a drop in the proverbial bucket with everyone and their brother calling daily. So I devised a master plan to pretend I was an Arts Organization doing research on publications such as Architectural Digest, Vogue, etc. I was immediately patched through to the Art Dir.— was friendly and became familiar with the whole department. (No positions available immediately, I found out, secretly of course) but I called back a year later, the Art Dir. recognized me, told me there was a position available—and I got it! You have to be creative to do an “end-around”, or to flank your opponent—you can’t just sit there and wonder why jobs aren’t being handed to you, being such a super genius that you are and all!!

How did you get your last media job?