Job Genius Leverages Your Social Graph For Resume Improvements

Veechi Corp has released a powerful resume tool, Job Genius, to help college students craft a resume based on edits and suggestions from selected members in their Facebook network. With Job Genius, students can make a resume that uses pertinent information pulled from their Facebook profile, and fill in the rest using the clear template that is full of professional suggestions. Once complete, the resume can be saved as a PDF and printed or shared on job boards online.

Resume writing isn’t something that’s taught in school, so Veechi has put together an innovative, interactive resume builder that offers tips from successful executives that guide your input. For instance, this is a tip from a human resources professional that pops up as you fill in your “Objective”:

Objective: A two or three line statement on the position you seek. It provides employers with information about your career goals and allows them to read and interpret your resume more quickly and intelligently. Make this a career (not just a specific job) objective. Shorter and impactful is best.

-Steven Goldberg, Human Resources Industry Advisor and Thought Leader

This is useful for students who want to hear from industry professionals about what works, and what doesn’t, when preparing a resume.

Once you are satisfied with your first draft, you can send out a request using Facebook Connect for comments and critique. You can request an edit from your former or current employers, colleagues, peers, fellow students, professors, friends, family… whoever you think would have a good eye to help you polish off your resume. The Job Genius site lists current and former job titles that your connections have had so that you can target effectively. When someone edits your resume, you can click on their profile picture on the left side of the resume builder to see the highlighted fields of their comments, and you can use this information to change your master resume if you wish.

The resume building process is only part of what Job Genius provides. Recent college grads might find it daunting to jump right into the job hunt, so Veechi has created a job search function that uses the student’s background information to target their best job matches. Job Genius searches the major job sites online to put together a list of currently available positions that are tailored to the information on the resume. Users can also modify the search results by entering keywords and preferred location to narrow down the search.

Veechi has created a powerful tool in the Job Genius. It leverages your Facebook connections to help build the resume that best represents you and your skills, and uses this information to produce job search results that are tailored to you. Along with Veechi Classes on Facebook, college students have an arsenal of powerful tools to get through their education and begin on their journey into the work world with confidence and success.

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