Job Seekers: Pretend Your House Is Haunted

One strategy for finding a job: pretend your house is haunted.

Tim Tyrell-Smith, of Tim’s Strategy, says that if you can do anything for your job search, it’s get out of your house. “It is a lousy place to network with other people,” he writes.

“Here’s what happens. As your job search progresses without successful results, you begin to retreat back to a safer place. A place where you can quietly search for new jobs, send emails and hang out in LinkedIn groups.”

Yep. It’s much easier to stomach rejection when it’s an email that goes unreturned (“Maybe it just went to spam and they’ll respond tomorrow!”) than a face-to face “no.” But if your house is haunted, then you’re just going to have to get out, schedule coffees, go to those industry events, and meet people. Just don’t tell them it’s because your house is full of ghouls…we’re pretty sure that being a ghost-magnet isn’t a protected class.

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