Jobs Says Printing Will Happen for iPad. What About iWorks Cloud Sync Solution?

In this item published yesterday,

Is Using an iPad with an External Hard Drive a Good Enough Reason to Jailbreak Your iPad?

I noted that a frequent question about the iPad is if it can work with an external drive (no). Another frequent question is: “Can it print to a printer”? Again, the answer is “no”. However, MacRumor reports:

Steve Jobs Says Printing “Will Come” for iPad

Yes, Mr. Jobs has apparently issued yet another brief but informative personal response to an emailed question.

Personally, I’d rather see Apple provide a good free cloud sync solution for their iWorks suite of office apps (Pages, Sheets, Keynote). just doesn’t do it for me. Steve? Can this be fixed real soon?

And, hey, Google! I’m still waiting for Google Docs to be fully functional (editing) on an iPad.

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