Joe Coscarelli Joins The Village Voice As Weekend Editor

Joe Coscarelli is joining the Village Voice as weekend editor of “Runnin’ Scared,” where he’ll join current Scared Runners Foster Kamer and Jennifer Doll to create unique features and original content in order to give you something to read on Saturday nights in between your usual routine of watching YouTube puppy videos and crying into a bowl of Snickers and mayonnaise. (No? Can’t relate?)

Coscarelli formerly worked weekends for Mediaite along with Zeke Turner, and currently works at Life during the week.

Kamer had nothing but praise for his infuriatingly young new hire:

On my Gawker weekend shifts, he was “the competition” for me, so it’s nice to hire him below me, so if he tramples me on his way up New York’s power structure, at least I’ll see it coming. At 21, Joe’s both more mature and has a more solid grasp on both national and local politics, media, and culture than so many writers his senior. He’s a yount talent, he’s helping us build a bit of a dream team, and we couldn’t be more psyched. We’re going to build out dynamic features, we’re gonna have fun, and we start this weekend with Joe, Jen and I loading the canons.

Adds Doll:

We’re super excited to have him on board helping us embark on this “new era” of Runnin’ Scared. That apostrophe will become close to your heart, we promise.

We will make a little space for that apostrophe, maybe, right beside the semicolon.