Joe Klein Pays Heed to the Combat Veterans Mission

Time columnist's latest book profiles the men at the heart of two leading U.S. veterans organizations.

CharlieMikeCoverArriving in bookstores Tuesday, Charlie Mike tells the story of Eric Greitens and Jake Wood, a pair of U.S. Army veterans who set out, upon their return home from multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, to help their fellow soldiers. Greitens created The Mission Continues, while Wood co-founded Team Rubicon.

Speaking to Stay Thirsty Media, the book’s author, Time columnist Joe Klein, says the narrative is meant partially to redress a media imbalance:

“I’ve been a voice for radical reform of the VA system in my Time magazine column… But I think we have to be careful here: the news about veterans is overwhelmingly tilted toward the negative. You know: suicide, drug use, homelessness, violence, despair. I wanted to rebalance this disparity to remind people that not all – not even a majority – of veterans are basket cases. These are people who can, and will, be a significant force for good in our society.”

Advance praise for Klein’s latest book, which takes its title from the military code words for “continue the mission,’ includes this endorsement from Jon Stewart: ‘A great look at two of the best veteran organizations going and the incredible humans who make the effort work.’

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