Revisiting Joe Neumaier’s Swanky Debut

A look back at how it all started for the recently laid off Daily News film critic.

JoeNeumaierNYDNFarewellOn Twitter, Joe Neumaier presents himself as ‘Newly Former Chief Film Critic & Film Editor at NY Daily News.’ Sadly, this is true.

That’s Neumaier on the right, bidding farewell to his colleagues last Thursday. This week, the veteran critic told Deadline’s Jeremy Gerard that the tabloid’s rush to embrace the Web at all costs is “like something out of a Paddy Chayefsky movie.” Or perhaps The Godfather, one of Neumaier’s personal favorites.

It all started for Neumaier at the Daily News in March of 2003. After filing a brief preview of that year’s Oscars, he hit the ground running with this second piece lede:

Hilary Swank‘s mouth should have its own Screen Actors Guild card. In person, it has incredible range, becoming the size of a pineapple as she expresses surprise. Changing direction, its edges hide behind her chin-length brown hair when she grins. Swank gives her mouth an ironic twist, agreeing that the angular set of her jaw makes her a credible action hero in her film The Core, opening Friday. Minutes later, she supersizes her lips to mock herself as she sees her image atop the Music Box Theatre on West 45th St. for her Broadway debut next month in The Miracle Worker.

“Of all the places in the world we could be [talking] right now, we’re here?” she asks, looking out the window. “This is so weird.”

Another memorable early article by Neumaier involved a sit-down with legendary New York PR man Bobby Zarem. He will continue to do his “Movie Minute” reviews for WOR-AM.

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